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Character Interview

For the next three blogs, I’ll be interviewing a character from each Christmas Santa Series, available for a limited time in a box set for .99 cents.  

Now, grab a cup of coffee, curl up on the sofa, and let me introduce you to Peter Jackson, who we meet in the first story of The Santa Series.

Judy:  Hi Peter, welcome to my blog. My readers and I would like to know a little about you and who you are, can you give us an excerpt that will tell us about you…
Peter:  Sure, this excerpt comes from the second book, Santa’s Secret Gift:
Emotional entanglement with a woman, any woman, was something he had denied himself for a long time. He didn’t deserved to be loved or love. He’d done a pretty good job locking his heart in a metal box…until…until the day Madison Stanford stepped into his life.
Living like a rolling stone had made it easy. Never hanging around a place too long had kept his emotions at arm’s length. Besides, people in general didn’t want to get involved with a homeless man.
Then, how did this connection with Maddie happen. How could he feel so deeply about her?
What the hell was he doing anyway? And, how the hell did he allow this to happen?
The only rational reason he could think of was she had been the one who had brought him to his senses. She had caused him to assess the course of his ramblings and it wasn’t pretty. His life had become emaciated, worthless. What was the point of living if he couldn’t find the basis to become constructive instead of destructive? 
Because of her, he’d gone home. Not only did he pour himself into the family business, but also, made a point to engage in volunteer jobs to help others. He didn’t even know Savannah had a shelter for the homeless and probably never would have, if he hadn’t been one.
Searching out those whose lives had suddenly collided with unexpected trauma, became a healing step for him. He finally learned to share his tragedy, as well as listen to other heartbreaking stories. The relationships he had formed led him to cross the threshold of destructive sorrow and find the peace he needed to make his life worth living.
Being a drifter for so long had been his escape, both mentally and physically, from the horrendous infliction, he, himself had triggered. Yet, there was always the guilt he had to deal with each day, like an addict. Though now, he was more at peace for the first time in many years. He gave credit to Maddie.
Still, he was afraid to love again. There was always the what ifswhat if he hurt her too.
Peter threw back the covers. A chill blanketed his warm naked body as he stood. Not too late to leave before his emotions took control. The last thing he wanted to do was to harm Maddie. He swore never to hold a gun in his hands again, or to cause the death of a loved one by a gun, but still he had to deal with the unpredictable circumstances of life.
He had to leave. Home for the Christmas holidays would make his whole family happy. He’d say goodbye to the fellows and fly home. He had discretely left their Christmas presents, so there was no reason to go back to the shelter.
The sisters. Peter picked up his cellular. They deserved to hear from him, didn’t they? He placed the cell back on the nightstand and turned toward the bathroom.
He’d send a card with their present…and…and…Maddie. What about her?
He’d call her and tell her it was all a mistake. Yeah, he’d…call her.
After he showered.

Judy:  Do you have a short excerpt of when you are introduced to our readers in Santa’s Pretty Lady?
Peter:  Well, let me think a moment. Hmm, actually, it was my brother, Daniel Jackson, who put his life on hold and jeopardized his relationship with the woman he fell in love with that first brought me onto the scene. This excerpt is when she becomes aware of how important I am to Daniel.

When a soft knock sounded on the display window, LenaBelle jumped. Her heart skipped a beat when she glanced around and set her sight on Daniel’s smile. Heaven help, she loved the way he made her feel.
Just as she started to wave, a man walked up behind him, drawing his attention. Then to her surprised, they hugged each other. LenaBelle didn’t want to stare, but curiosity got the best of her. He reminded her of Daniel on that first day outside her window. This man, older and shorter than Daniel, wore a tattered coat, oversized pants, and his hands wore gloves that had the fingers cut off from the knuckles. His long dirty hair hung down his back in a ponytail. A thought flashed through her mind, wondering if his sole possessions were inside the faded blue backpack hung over his shoulder.
When he looked up into the window, her’s gaze caught his. Oh my, he had the same blue eyes as Daniel, except his didn’t twinkle. The man turned back to Daniel and shoved a piece of paper in Daniel’s hand. Daniel pulled out a wad of bills, but the man pushed it away. Then, he reached up and gave Daniel a hug. LenaBelle discerned sadness in Daniel’s stance while he watched the guy walked away. All of a sudden, Daniel ran after him.   

Judy:  Peter, what do you do for a living?
Peter:  I’m basically homeless for now and have been for the last several years. Maybe I should say, I choose to be homeless. Though I have a loving family in Savannah Georgia, I can’t bring myself to return home until I face the demons that keep me on the move.
Judy:  When do we learn why you’re homeless?
Peter:  Not until book two, Santa’s Secret Gift. I find myself confessing in the heat of the moment to the woman I’m fascinated with.
Judy:  Are you part of all three books?
Peter:  Yes. In book two, Santa’s Secret Gift, I find out Madison and her daughter, Brianna are on the run, I become so emotionally involved with the two that I nearly commit murder. I must admit, it frightened me. That’s why I took off with my homeless buddies.
Judy:  Why did you run away from their love? 
Peter:  It’s too hard to explain, but I can tell you I’m determined not to hurt anyone else because I loved them too much. You see, I call myself a murderer, even though others don’t.
Judy:  Would you expound on why?
Peter:  No, it would spoil the story for your readers.
 Judy:  Were you a Santa in the second book, like your brother was in the first book?
Peter:  Let me just say, I did give a few secret presents out to several of my homeless buddies. You’ll meet Cola, Railroad, and Whiskey. They’re pretty neat guys, who also choose to be homeless.
Judy:  So, I take it that you don’t have a love interest in the first book? What about the next two books.
Peter:  No, all the romance in Santa’s Pretty Lady Christmas story is left up to Daniel. You probably guess, in book two, Santa’s Secret Gift, Madison is someone that hits me hard with the love that I’ve missed out on for years. That’s the reason I ran, after making sure she and Brianna are safe.
Judy:  Is book three about you returning home?
Peter:  No. It’s about Brianna, Madison’s daughter. She just graduated and is working in Hawaii. Totally a love story coming full circle to the lives of all you meet along the way.

Thank you Peter for joining us today. We’re excited to read about your journey in the three books offered for .99 cents through the holidays in The Santa Series Box Set

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