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Interview with a Scoundrel

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Second interview with a character from The Santa Series Boxed Set. 

Now, grab a cup of coffee, have a seat, and let me introduce you to Steve Lynch, who we meet in the second story of The Santa Series.

Judy:  Hello Mr. Lynch, welcome to my blog. My readers and I would like to know a little about you and how you are related to Madison Stanford in Santa’s Secret Gift

Steve:  First of all, you call me a scoundrel, I'm certainly not. People like you call people like me such names because your jealous of our riches. Money controls the real world of business and people we connect with in our everyday life. I’m well known throughout Nevada, and a prominent figure in the community. I own the largest construction business in Nevada and control much of the state’s contracts. As far as Madison, well, I actually saved her and her daughter from being homeless. I own her.

Judy: I meant no disrespect, Mr. Lynch. Shell we move on? From what I understand, you have taken care of Madison for several years, but not too long ago, she left you, can you explain why?

Steve: Who knows why? It’s something I’ll never understand. If it wasn't for me, she and Brianna would be living on much of nothing, barely existing. I've given her everything any woman would want, and the only thing I ask in return is her loyalty. She can’t made it on her own, but I’ll let her try, then she’ll come running back.

Judy: If she does come back to you, what then?

Steve: Simple. I’ll take her and Brianna back, but only on my terms. And, believe you me, I’ll have a list. By the way, there’s no ‘if’ she returns. She will. She can’t make it without me.

Judy: Can you tell us what you expect from her on her return?

Steve: No. And, the only reason I accepted your invitation to be interviewed is to let your readers know how ungrateful Madison has been lately, and how willing I am to forgive her in this ridiculous attempt to live on her own. You wait, she’ll come crying back.  

Judy: My informant said she has an interest in a man named Peter Jackson. Do you think he has any influence over her to keep her from coming back to you?

Steve:  Judy, Judy, Judy, you make me laugh. How long do you think she can continue to support her daughter living in a homeless shelter? This man, this Peter Jackson is nothing but a homeless derelict.

Judy: So you actually know where Madison is living?

Steve: Who do you think I am? Of course, I've been keeping an eye on my girls. Just because I’m allowing her to play out this fiasco, doesn't mean I’d let her do it without my knowledge.

Judy: How long will you wait for her, and do you think Peter Jackson will be a problem for you.

Steve: He won’t be a problem. People always come around to my thinking, besides he’ll leave town the minute I offer him money. Money buys everything.

Judy: How can you be so certain Madison will return to you? Are you the secret Santa in her life?

Steve: Don’t be ridiculous. Sure, I am her Santa, she needs me. I’m the only person that’s capable of giving her everything, including her daughter.

Judy:  Do you have a short excerpt you’d like to share with us from Santa’s Secret Gift?

Steve:  Of course I do.

Reaching down, he pulled out the phone from its case attached to his belt and hit a number on the speed dial. “John, get in here,” he ordered and hung up.
Steve stared at his cellular.
Damn it. Why did you leave your cell phone? You did it on purpose, didn’t you, sweetheart.
Damn it.
First, he’d make certain she didn’t move in with any of her brainless friends. On the other hand, if he allowed this little drama to drag out for a while, she’d need to get a job. Huh. He’d guarantee no one in town would hire her. Yeah, she would suffer before he took her back.
A quick knock sounded before his most long-term employee entered the room. Of all the people on the planet, Steve knew he could rely on John.
“Have a seat.” Steve indicated a chair near the desk. “I need you to do a job. It’s personal so keep it under your hat. Do this for me, and you’ll have a huge bonus for Christmas.”
“Sure thing. What is it?”
Steve sat back in the large black leather seat and fixed his eyes on the man. This wasn’t the first time he’d asked John to do a little private investigating for him and it wouldn’t be the last.
“Madison took off.”
“When? Why?”
“Late yesterday afternoon sometime. Who the hell knows why? Margaret dropped her off at a friend’s house around four and returned at nine o’clock last night. She and Brianna were gone. Nancy told Margaret they went to Maryanne’s house. Needless to say, Maryanne said she hadn’t seen her.”
“And, she hasn’t showed up this morning.”
“Nope, just talked to the housekeeper.”
John nodded, stood, and said, “Who’s the friend? I’ll start checking into it.”
Grabbing a pad of paper, Steve jotted down an address. “Start with Nancy. I want you to keep me updated with anything and everything. A woman with a kid shouldn’t be too hard to find.”
He handed the paper over and leaned back, watching John study the address.
“I’ll call the moment I find out something.”
“One other thing,” he paused for John to turn his eyes upon him, “Don’t confront her. Right now, I just want to know where she is. Understood?”
“Yes sir.”
After John left, Steve dropped his head back against the chair and closed his eyes. A slight smirk spread his lips.
Madison dear, you need to remember who’s in charge. You should know me by now. I can be sadistic when it comes to getting what I want.
Anyone giving you money or shelter will pay for it and it’ll be your fault. How will you feel then, Madison?

Judy: Sounds like you always get what you want, Mr. Lynch. With that said, I thank you for taking time from you busy schedule to give my readers a little insight to the character you portray in Santa’sSecret Gift, book two of The SantaSeries.  

What do you think of Mr. Steve Lynch? Is he a scoundrel or just a rich person that knows what he wants?


  1. Interesting interview! I love this concept. Keep it up! And enjoy this beautiful Christmas season!

  2. Thanks Shelia, you and Bud have a very Merry Christmas


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