Thursday, June 13, 2013

Come Join Us

Rebecca Tripp invites you to a book signing where the book, Ghost Thunder will be available, along with a chance to win lots of items and her mug with the book cover on it. Did she mention chocolates? Oh, by the way Rebecca lives in Yellow Creek, Tennessee, and in book two of the Yellow Creek Novels, she tries to save the Tennessee Walking Horses from abuse. She’d love you to stop by and grab a book to experience her struggles while trying to save a few horses from a cruel man who is out to harm both her and her unborn child.


News Alert in Murray Journal:
If you’re in the area, please stop by and checkout all the wonderful books by some very creative authors. There will be five authors at Marissa’s Books and if you live in the Salt City area, please come see us, chat with us, and don’t forget to sign up for several drawings. If you live too far to attend the book signing and have purchased any of my books. Please leave a review on Amazon or one of the other sites and I will put your name in the drawing and if you win, I'll let you know. Thank you.

Now, on to another matter, my new release, Better She Die  (see the book cover on the side) available now at
Secret Cravings Publishing:

Also, a couple of my books have been added to the BookLoads Fun: , hop over when you have a chance.

Have wonderful June read, and I hope to see you at the Murray, Utah signing.  Judy



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