Monday, May 27, 2013

New Release


Better She Die


In 1858, Clare Rose Coulson of Silver Sage Creek, Texas, is traumatized as a band of Apache Indians murder her husband, her father, and best friend. When kidnapped, she tries to escape only to be captured by another band, but quickly learns this band is Comanche and different. They aren't warriors or savages, but a peaceful, loving people. While living with the band, she learns to respect the Indian ways and settles into a life she never dreamed.
Four years later, Captain Drury Burchett, a Texas Ranger, rescues Clare Rose. Only, the beautiful redheaded woman is angered by her rescue. He's bewildered by the compassion she shows for the Comanches, especially since his hatred for the savages digs deep into his soul for all they've taken from him. What makes this woman so strong in her beliefs and needs to defend the Indians? 

Clare hung on to Betsy’s limp body and held out her free hand to the nearest animal, and whispered, “Shish.” She untied a rope and led the horse away from the others.
After what she hoped was a safe distance, she quickly glanced back at the enemy’s camp. She could do this.
Betsy’s body slouched against her. She glanced down at her friend, heaved in a breath and gave her a rough shake, and whispered, “Betsy.” No response. Clare shook her again. “Betsy, listen to me, you’re going to have to stand on your own? Do you hear me?”
A twig snapped.
Clare whirled.
An Indian stood near, slanted his head to the side waiting to see what she was up to.
Her mind raced. Clare swung her gaze toward the camp. He seemed to be alone.
Turning her hard glare back to the Redskin, she returned his stare with the overwhelming desire to holler, “Boo.” From the way he was gawking at her, she was sure he’d run. However, he’d head straight to his band, putting her in worse danger.
Clare continued to bore her angry look into the savage’s eyes. If she couldn’t escape with Betsy, she’d do the unthinkable.
No sooner had the thought slipped into her mind, her body reacted. With a strong force, she shoved Betsy toward the hesitant Indian, knocking him backward. With one swift movement, she mounted the horse, leaving Betsy in the clutches of the Redskin.
Without looking back, Clare whipped the rope against the horse and took off. God help her. She had just left Betsy in the hands of the enemy.
In the early dawn of the morning light, Clare turned the horse toward a canyon. She had no idea what direction to take, but the one thing she knew for sure, she had to get away and bring back help for Betsy.
No soon did she breathe in a sigh of relief for successfully escaping, two Indians from out of nowhere rode out in front of her. Before she was able to pull back on the rope, her startled horse hoisted his front legs into the air, dropping her like a dead body. She hit the hard ground, thrusting the air from her lungs.
Once she sucked in a gulp of air, her eyes jerked open. While trying to breathe deeply, she looked up into the face of a savage. When he squatted down next to her, she tried to scoot back, but her shaking arms failed to hold her weight. His black angry eyes drilled into hers. God help her, she’d been captured--again.



  1. Congrats on your release! Your story reminds me of the classic historicals with Native American undertones. Those were my favorite books to read growing up.

    I wish you all the best!

    1. Thank you Melissa, I appreciate you stopping by. Hope all is going well with you. Judy

  2. Congratulations on your new release! I love that cover and the story line.

    1. I always love to hear from someone that takes the time to stop by. Have a great day. Judy

  3. Sounds like an interesting premise, Judy...and from the looks of things, we're neighbors! Get down to Cedar much? :D
    Hope to talk to you soon!


    J.S. Wayne

    1. Yes, usually heading for St. George - love the area.

  4. Congratulations on the new release. Sounds like you have another winner. Love the cover.


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