Monday, July 22, 2013


Many authors have deadlines to meet when writing for a publisher, or as an indie author we cause our own deadline pressures. I’ve done both. My yearly calendar gives me a guideline of when and where I should be when writing a book to its completion. Do I always follow it? Life happens.

My historical westerns are with Secret Cravings Publisher, meaning I have deadlines to meet for the next two books. I just finished the second book to my Silver Sage Creek novels, and now headed into the third. I also have my third indie Yellow Creek book sitting on the shelf waiting to get started.  
I’m not a fast writer and try hard to stay within my schedule, it’s difficult at times. I’ve even asked myself: Do deadlines hurt my writing? Cut into my creative thought process? Would I have written a better scene if I hadn’t been pushed to complete so many words in a day?
If you’ve read Better She Die, then you know that Clare Rose had one friend in the town – the saloon woman, Ruby. When Ruby Thornton’s life developed, I knew I had to tell her story, besides it gave Clare’s son time to grow up. Sometimes writing a better scene causes problems and delays. It happened with Ruby in Better She Live when I wrote her into a corner and had to take a whole afternoon off in order to write her out. It was worth the time taken to add to the story. I love surprise scenes popping up.
While working toward a deadline, I discovered I’ve neglected everyone, including FB friends, twitting, writing my monthly blogs, emailing, and spending time in my garden. I have to mention, my hubby’s been a trooper.
All in all, you’ll find a big smile on my face when I get my new book cover for Better She Live, available in September.
July is quickly coming to a close and so is summer – my favorite season. Sure we’ve had heat in the three digits, but still I love those balmy nights that’s perfect to enjoy without wearing a sweater or jacket. And of course, the warm weather calls for sweet southern tea with lemon.
What about you? Have you been working toward a deadline? Have you missed some of the summer while writing? Neglected anything?
Better She Die was available in May, Better She Live will be available in September, and Better She Love in January 2014.
Better She Die and Ghost Thunder are highlighted in the following magazine for the month of July:

Have a wonderful summer and I hope you accomplish all you want to in the months ahead.



  1. Deadlines make me crazy. I put too much pressure on myself and as you said, I think I write crap. I'd rather take my time and write the story I want. It's hard though when you see people posting that they wrote 3500 words today. It makes me feel like a slacker.

  2. I agree Melissa, but we keep going don't we? One thing for sure, you are not a slacker.


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