Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dogs in Books

 Dogs. I love dogs. Sometimes more than people.They love unconditionally; they’re loyal, dependable and will be your long lasting friend if you’re willing. My blog today is dedicated to my loving friend, Teal’c.He’s an Airedale Terrier that has lived with us for eight and a half years, but is approximately twelve years old. We rescued him from a shelter and the vet figured he was about three years old at that time. He’s been a wonderful addition to our home.

Several of my books have dog characters that were created from my fondest memories of our past four legged family members. I haven’t written a book with an Airedale, as of yet, but I’m sure he’ll be appearing in something down the road. (check my website for Teal'c picture)
My book, Homeless Santa, was dedicated to our Dalmatian, Drake. Lena Belle purchases a Dalmatian puppy and names him Nick, for St. Nick, of course; after all, it is a Christmas store. Homeless Santa has been republished as an ebook (aka Anna Sugg) with a new title of Santa’s Pretty Lady (Book cover and blurb listed on the right side of my blog). 

Drake, 1992-2004
      He loved chairs.

In Yellow Creek Book One, Secret Past, Sarah has a Dalmatian named Drake. Her dog is her companion throughout the book, even on a dark scary night when she searches through her grandmother’s old dilapidated house. Yellow Creek Book Two, Night Thunder, Becca has a Britney Spaniel named Maxine. Night Thunder will be out as an ebook in December.  Here's Maxine, our Britney Spaniel with Drake.
Maxine lived to be nineteen years old and Drake, twelve.  Two of our dogs that will always be treasured memories in my books.
Only a dog lover (or cat) can understand how much a pet can mean to a person or family. They're not just an animal, but part of you.



  1. As much as I love my kitties I've just written about one. I wonder why I don't include pets in my stories like you do. Almost everyone has a pet! I remember the big dog you had when we first got published--wasn't he a Great Dane?

    Teal'c is precious! He looks like he could be the star of your next novel!

    Congratulations on your writing success. I'm so proud to be associated with you!

    1. Thank you so much Shelia. I'm the one that's proud to be associated with you! You have written some wonderful heart warming books. Teal'c is precious and it's sad to see him getting older (12 yrs). Maybe your next book can have a kitten to console your character.

  2. Awww bless...

    I'm more a dog person than a cat person, but we have none of these in our household. I MUCH prefer children :). But I can see myself talking DH into letting us get a dog once our last moves out. Dogs are kinda like kids who never grow up, aren't they?

    You dogs are gorgeous, btw :)

    1. Thank you Monique, yes dogs are like children and can be just as rewarding and just as flustrating!!


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