Tuesday, May 18, 2021

 Read or Listen

I hope you have May flowers blooming around your home – a promise of wonderful weather ahead. 

A quick announcement for this month, our May YouTube event is ready for your review on Two Authors, Books & a Beverage :  https://youtu.be/aUjKORaHONM  

This month I’m talking about Better She Die, Book one of the Silver Sage Creek series.

  There’s a short video on my website: CLICK HERE   

By the way: Don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter  after you watch our YouTube to win any of the following.

 1. If you’ve read all three books, enter the rafflecopter for a Silver Sage Creek Mug by answering one question from each book

A. Book 1 Better She Die: What is Clare Rose’s son's Comanche name?

B. Book 2 Better She Live: Who is the owner of the Silver Sage Saloon?

C. Book 3 Better She Love: Who is Dr. Millie’s mother?


2. If you haven’t read Better She Die enter to win a free autographed copy.


Bonus giveaway:  If you’ve read Better She Die, the first 3 people who email me through my website: judybakerauthor.com (contact) I'll send you a free ebook of Better She Live.

This month, I read one book and listened to an audio book.

Edge of Anarchy: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Book 4 by Kyla Stone

 Audio: Edge of Defiance: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller Book 5 by Kyla Stone

I love Liam’s character in this series, as well as the Great Pyrenees dog, named Ghost. I can’t wait to read book 5 & 6. Yes, I said READ. I’ve tried three audio books by authors that I like and decided Audio Books are NOT for me. I discovered my mind has a hard time focusing on audio books. I’m constantly backtracking to hear what I missed because my brain drifted!!!!! When reading I’m absorbed in the story and forget my surroundings.

What about you? Do you like audio books?

Have a great May,



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