Saturday, February 14, 2015

Author Guest, Mary Martinez

Today we’re talking to Mary Martinez, author of romances, suspense, and women’s fictions. If you’re into suspense, murder, and romance, you can’t miss out on reading her intriguing Becket Series. She’s also one of six authors in a suspense boxed set, Dangerous Intent.

Take a moment and meet Mary in her garden:

Judy:  Mary, what do you do to relax?

Mary:  I love to cook. As an author, I should say… I lose myself in my story. When I’m writing, I do. However, when I get home from the day job (that I hope someday I can replace with full time writing) I cook to relax and unwind. And dinner is my reward.

Judy: We wish you luck in reaching your writing goal. We’re always interested in what your favorites are…

Favorite Location: Central Park New York City
Favorite drink: Coffee – Morning, Wine –Evening
Favorite season: Football
Hobbies/past time: Traveling
Favorite movie: Hummm So many. Christmas: Love Actually, Chick Flick it’s a four way tie: The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, American President, and True Lies.
Favorite color: Yellow unless it’s NCAA Football season then its Red for Go UTES!
Favorite smell: Bacon sizzling on a campfire when camping. The only problem? I don’t like to camp, give me a hotel!

Judy:  What are you working on now?'

Mary:  Illusion, Book IV of the Beckett Series

Judy: Another Beckett series, great. I can’t wait. Please, tell us a about your main character in your upcoming new release Illusion. What drives and motivates her?

Mary:  Reagan Beckett wants to prove to the family that she belongs, that she fits in. The problem is, she’s never needed to. Her family loves her unconditionally. Though there is something that tests that bond.

Judy: What does Reagan do for a living?

Mary:  She is on a special task force to uncover domestic terrorism.

Judy:  Why the location and was it a real-life connection?

Mary:  All the Beckett siblings call their parents The Elders. They grew up in Brooklyn, and they live and work in various places of New York and Brooklyn. Except for Glenna. She owns a Vintage Shop in Calistoga, California.
The Beckett Series is a combination of six stories, one for each sibling.
Books available now: Disappear, Innocent, Quiet
Books coming soon: Illusion, Profit, and Abandoned

I’m toying with the idea of seven short Christmas tales in 2016 a story for each couple including The Elders

Judy: Wow, you’re certainly a busy, energetic author. Do you have any special words for your fans?

Mary:  I have the best fans, friends, and family. Without them I might as well give up writing. Other than, I really do enjoy the craft of writing.

Judy:  Where can my reader find you?

Thank you, Mary, for stopping by today. I know most of us can’t wait to read the continuing series with the Beckett family. And, for those of you that haven’t read them, you're missing out. Mary offers a boxed set containing the first three novels:



  1. Thank you for having me as your guest!

  2. You're welcome. It was a fun interview and I wish you luck in your writing career.

  3. Wonderful interview, ladies. Can't wait to Illusions and Spirit Catcher!


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