Friday, January 30, 2015


My January drawing is coming to an end tomorrow. I'm giving away a signed print of your favorite book in the boxed set, The Santa Series. You still have a chance to enter, click here 

My February drawing will be something different. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’ll be giving away a key chain by Sherry Gail’s Jewelry

Now I have a few questions for those of you that are avid readers.

Do you visit authors’ websites?
Are you interested in authors’ contest/drawings?
Do you like to enter drawings for free books, or other interesting items?

I was visiting Brenda Novak’s site the other day and read where she was giving away a wishing pot. I thought it was a fun idea. Click here for Brenda Novak's website.

Do you return to an author's website when they have giveaways? Do you read their books? 

I’m very interested in what you think about contest/drawings from authors, and if you’re more inclined to read one of their books, or not.

Have a great month of February and enjoy some chocolate. 

Don't forget to visit my website on February 1, for the January Drawing winner.


  1. I always stop by author friends' pages as long as they tell me what's going on. If there's a contest, I do enter but it's not the reason I stop by. I just want to be supportive!

  2. Melissa, you're always a supportive author and I appreciate you.


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