Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Cover for Coming Release

My doggie's paw prints this morning!

Happy April. What’s that old saying? April showers bring May flowers – well, sure in some areas, but not northern Utah. Got up this morning to snow covered ground. Not a huge amount in the valley, but enough to say “Ahhh…no!” Just talked to my sister on Friday who lives in North Carolina where they’re having beautiful weather, she was outside working in the yard. I’m looking forward to digging in my flowerbed too, some day! Something else that I’m looking forward to is my May book release. I just received the book cover so I thought I would write about book covers today.
One time I did an article on book covers and asked if you judged a book by its cover? Since then, I took note of what books drew my interest. Well, I must admit to judging covers before actually reading the blurb. I’m guessing most of us do.
This week I received my western historical romance book cover. Better She Die will be released next month with Secret Cravings Publishing. I’ve been pleased with all my book covers, mostly my eBook covers that are designed by Brandon Collins. I’ve been so please with his work that I was a little nervous about the cover the publishing company would produce. Well, here it is and I want to tell you that I was delighted with the results.
What do you think? Would the book cover draw your attention? Here’s a blurb:
In 1858, Clare Rose Coulson of Silver Sage Creek, Texas, is traumatized as a band of Apache Indians murder her husband, her father, and best friend. When kidnapped, she tries to escape only to be captured by another band, but quickly learns this band is Comanche and different. They aren't warriors or savages, but a peaceful, loving people. While living with the band, she learns to respect the Indian ways and settles into a life she never dreamed.
Four years later, Captain Drury Burchett, a Texas Ranger, rescues Clare Rose. Only, the beautiful redheaded woman is angered by her rescue. He's bewildered by the compassion she shows for the Comanches, especially since his hatred for the savages digs deep into his soul for all they've taken from him. What makes this woman so strong in her beliefs and needs to defend the Indians?
Next time I’ll try to be more open minded about reading blurbs when I’m not drawn to the book cover. Who knows how many good reads I’ve missed out on when the cover didn’t interest me?
What about you? Do you judge a book by its cover?
And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley         
                         My sister's roses in North Carolina...
Leave your comment, I'd love to hear from you. Have a happy spring, no matter where you are. Judy


  1. The cover is vital. It catches my eye and then I read about the book. Yours grabbed my attention. Well done! Love a Texas Ranger!

  2. Thanks Sandy, I'm happy with the cover and can't wait for a release date in May.

  3. I'm jealous with the warmer weather NC and Florida are getting. Really would love to warm up here in Michigan too but your photo shows me to be thankful. We don't have snow this morning. We did Sunday while I was grocery shopping.

    Your cover is wonderful! I wish you much success!

    1. Thank for taking the time to comment, Melissa. Hope you warm up soon. Judy

  4. Fine cover, Judy. I've just had my first book with Secret Cravings, too, and I like my cover very much. It's a much different genre than yours, but Dawne seems to get mostly everything right about the books she designs. Utah is beautiful country -- as is South Carolina -- but waiting for garden weather to come can be a drag. Here in New York we're still waiting, too. Good luck with Better She Die.

  5. Thanks Troy, happy to hear from another SCP author. Yes, I keep hearing good thing about Dawne and her book covers. Ah...NY, never been there, hope to go one day. Judy


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