Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year Challenge Continues

Here’s how thing are coming along after the first week of our author challenge fitness program. 
Each Monday you can go to and check out our progress. Six authors are participating in this New Year Challenge.

Mary Martinez:
Melissa Mayhue:
Stanalei Fletcher:

I started my week off doing yoga and treadmill. I’m soooooo out of shape.

Day one my muscles said, “This is killing me.”
Day two, “I’m dying.”
Day three, painful grunting cries during the entire short forty minute workout.  
Day four – “Just shoot me.”
Finally, day five arrived…whoa…what’s going on.  I suddenly looked forward to the workout (or because it’s Friday and I’m taking the weekend off!).
Don’t forget to stop by Mary’s blog for our progress and great recipes from each author and read about our Spotlight Author of the Week. We love comments.  Judy


  1. I wish I had time for yoga! Actually I have never done yoga, but I have done Nia which is a combination of yoga, Pilates, and cardo and other things. I not actually sure, but it was actually fun. Sort of like a rain dance.

    I wish all of us luck JUDY! Let's start 2013 healthy!

  2. Oooh, Judy! Keep at it. I'm routing for you!

  3. Thanks Mary and Kim, I'm also routing for you too. This yoga program is ab toning, strengthening muscles, and energizing with weights. So far, I'm following my schedule.


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