Friday, June 15, 2012

Great Trip on a Motorcycle

My friend said, "you rock, girl" and I seriously believe I earned that title.  I spent 10 days on the road, riding with my hubby on his Road Glide Harley. It was an amazing trip. We road for 2,550 miles and saw some of the most beautiful coastlines in America.
Day One:  Left Salt Lake City in the sunshine – yep, that’s Brett & my shadows on the bike headed west. Met Alan and Maxine in Wendover for breakfast.
By the way, Alan and Maxine opted to ride in a red Corvette.  

On to Wells, NV where we me Robin and Mitch –Robin rides her own bike (now she really rocks!)


Next stop Elko, NV where we met two more couples, Brett’s sister and brother-in-law, Peggy and Paul. As you can imagine, we ate a lot and laughed a lot.

Day Two: Rain geared up. On the road again, headed for Reno:  RAIN, SLEET, WIND, FREEZING WEATHER.
And, the next day didn’t start out too good either.  Brett asked if he needed to put me on a plane for home.  Hmm. Too bad the Corvette didn’t have room for a third person.  Brett promised the weather would get better. Okay, I’ll keep going!!!

I see blue skies!!!!!

Day Three:  Ride into San Francisco was a better day, even though I wore three pairs of pants and two coats to get there. My legs were covered with jeans, leathers, and rain gear, while I wore a sweather, sweatshirt with hoody, leather jacket, and a raincoat – it’s a wonder I could even move!!!  The ride over Donners Pass was COLD and at least in the 30s, but we didn’t run into rain or snow (they had actually had snow two days before requiring chains.

San Francisco was beautiful, sunny and around 60 degrees. We had wonderful food on Fisherman’s Wharf and visited Ghirardelli Square.
Day Four thru Eight:  Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and rode Highway 1 going north along the coast's beautiful scenery. Stopped along the way in many little towns, Eureka, Cresent City, Coos Bay, Newport:

Here's a few more pictures:
   Oregon Coast

Brett surfing!!
Lighthouses everywhere
 Our last meal near the ocean
Taking a break in nowhere land!
Headed inland through Oregon and Idaho through the desert


 Day 10:  Arrived HOME safely!!!
2012 Motorcycle trip -  an amazing trip!



  1. Judy, The trip sounds amazing. What a wonderful way to see the coast. And so glad you're back safe and sound. You definitely ROCK!

  2. I agree, you do ROCK, I don't think I could sit for a year if I rode a bike that long, I don't care if it was a Road Glide. But the scenery looked awesome. What a wonderful trip. I'm glad you had fun!

  3. Thanks Kim and Mary, it was a blast. By the way, I think you two ROCK in so many way. Judy


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