Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tennessee Walking Horses Part 2

Thank you, Pepsi for pulling your sponsorship. I logged in online this morning and the first thing I saw was this link:
YEA for Pepsi - I've never been a Pepsi drinker, but I will now. There are many other sponsors that should think about doing the same – Cracker Barrel did in 2002, what about Ford…  
If by chance you haven't read Part 1 of my TWH, you can read the April blog.  It's troubling to hear how Tennessee Walking Horses are being abused and how people are getting away with it even though the cruel and deliberate infliction of soring horses has been illegal since the passing of the federal Horse Protection Act (HPA) of 1976. Yet, the practice is still widespread. Soring is the use of caustic chemicals and/or mechanical devices on a horse’s front hooves to cause pain if the horse puts his feet down. This painful act creates the exaggerated, high step gait that is performed in an event for judging.  Did you happen to see ABC Nightline on May 17, 2012, if not, watch this video: 

Here’s another site from people who love horses:
These criminals are horse trainers, owners, and I dare include judges.  Why do I include judges? In my opinion, they have to know that a horse is being abused when he limps and stumbles during the events they’re judging – how could you not see a horse in pain? Bottom line, when champions can win millions of dollars, abuse will happen – in any event.
After you check out the links above, please forward it to everyone that you know so that more people are aware of what is going on in many places like Shelbyville, Tennessee, the so called  “Walking Horse Capital of the World”, not only there, but even other states, like Kentucky.  
To be fair, not all TWH owners and trainers are abusive. There are a few groups that have joined together to promote healthy sound horses and want to stop this horrific abuse: NWHA (National Championship Horse); FOSH (Friends of the Sound Horse); and of course, HSUS (Humane Society of the United States). You can support the sound horse movement too and even contact the Shelbyville, Tennessee Mayor, and speak out against this abuse. Mayor Wallace Cartwright,
Let’s speak out for animals that don’t have voices.
If we don’t, who will?

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