Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Christian Writing Non-Christian Novels

All my life, I’ve looked to God for guidance and he’s been there for me. Being a Christian, I have faith in my God to lead me through all that I accomplish in my life. That being said, I write romance novels and discovered many Christians think I should only write Christian novels. I don’t. I tried. Not me. A long time ago, I asked God for wisdom to make right decisions in the directions of my stories. I feel I've written stories true to what God had given me.

If you’re a Christian and write novels that aren’t spiritually Christian stories, can you let me know? I’d like to know there are others that believe in God and have faith that their writing is directed by Him. I believe we can be faithful Christians and still write romantic, suspenseful, non-Christian stories.

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Also, I want to share two pictures with you. My YaYa Sisters got together in May at Myrtle Beach SC and had a wonderful time. My hubby and I went to Hawaii in April and the weather was perfect, while at home in Utah, they had snow!

YaYa Sisters Trip

Big Island, Hawaii


  1. Judy,
    I'm a Christian, too. My stories are about real people caught up in the real world. I try not to preach, but rather lay something out there that the reader, Christian or not, can relate to in a spiritual way. Not to say that the stories are "spiritual" but they are written so that each reader can "read their own beliefs/phylosophy into the story. Just keep writing stories about good people who make the right choices in the end. After all that's the story of our lives isn't it?
    Congratulations on your writing success!
    Love, Shelia

  2. Thank you Shelia,
    Hope your New Year is all that you want to accomplish. Judy

  3. Thank you Shelia,
    Hope your New Year is all that you want to accomplish. Judy


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