Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Event Announcements

I’m excited because February is the month of Love and to celebrate Mary Martinez and I will be holding an event at We Olive again.

If you missed last year’s Books + Wine = Romance event, you have a chance to join us on February 22 at We Olive.

Join Judy Baker and Mary Martinez at We Olive Wine bar for an incredible day.

Our logo this is year is Two Authors, Books and a Beverage. There will also be small bites provided by We Olive (if anything like last year, the food will be delicious).  

Mary and I will be giving away bags filled with goodies and books. The cost is $20 plus $10 if you participate in the wine and beer flights (not required). Brett Ludemann will be on hand to discuss the beer and wines that will be available.

One other announcement I would like to share. Mary Martinez has a new release:

Celtic Myst Trilogy

Book 1 The Cupán of Flúirse

A magical chalice, a legacy with the dragons, and
a destiny forged through the centuries. 

February 3, 2020 through February 7, 2020
Lots and lots of giveaways

Celtic Myst Trilogy is a story of good against evil. A story of great love that spans centuries. And above all, a story of courage. 

Forged by the gods, the Cupán of Flúirse is born under the thunder of Taranis, fashioned with symbols of the elements to bring peace and abundance to the clans.

Element of the air, Amergin is a faithful protector and guardian. Through the years, he’s guided the other elements and reigned over times of peace, prosperity, and royal births.

However, the witch Mourdra, is plagued with jealousy over the clans. They hold dear all she desires…and has been denied. The fire dragon and Klenidalf, an evil wizard are tasked to do her bidding, to plunder the clans…and steal the Cupán of Flúirse.

Without the sacred chalice, Amergin is condemned to wander the Earth, those he’s vowed to protect out of his reach.

Book 2: In Search of the Cupán of Flúirse

Coming June 1, 2020

Book 3: Returning the Cupán of Flúirse

Coming ​October 1, 2020

Where to find Mary:
Mary's Garden  Mary's Garden Blog YouTube
Amazon and Goodreads are great places to leave reviews!

Have a wonderful, loving February.

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