Friday, June 2, 2017

News Alert and Cutting a Watermelon

News Alert:  Karibou Magic is now available.

June’s here and summer’s around the corner, and I’m excited to announce my Christmas Fantasy novel is now available.


Christmas is magic. At least that’s what Eva Mars Bowman thought until that tragic night. Running from her past, she accepts a job with an old veterinarian in a small town in Wyoming. With Doc’s help and his magical reindeer, she has a reason to believe in Christmas magic once again.

Her newly found Christmas magic shatters. Doc’s estranged son, Trebek Nickolas, returns with plans to change all that his father has built, including getting rid of the reindeer.

Compared to his father, Trebek is coldhearted and wants nothing to do with Christmas? Can she convince him that forgiving and loving will bring back the Christmas magic he knew as a child? Will Christmas magic be stripped away from her life again, forever?

Link:  Amazon
I’m also working on another western novel where one of my characters grow watermelons. 

I love a sweet juicy watermelon. I have to confess, I can eat an entire watermelon all by myself!   Here’s a few tidbits on picking out the best watermelon:

Check for a Field Spot: these are natural field spots, which you can find on the watermelon indicating where it rested on the ground. This means it’s the best one to choose. The watermelon should have a creamy-yellow or orange-yellow spots. Pick these, they’re the best.  

Check for Webbing indicating the times the bees touched the flower, which means more pollination, the sweeter the melon.

Did you buy a Boy or Girl Watermelon? Yup, watermelons have genders. The elongated watermelons are ‘boys’, while the round, stout watermelons are ‘girls’.  One other thing, remember the boy watermelons are watery while the girls are sweeter.  

What Size is your watermelon? Sometimes we think ‘bigger is better’.  Not always. The best watermelons are average-sized – not too small, not too big, just right.

Last, but still important. The Tail:  Indicates its ripeness. Green tail means it was picked too soon – not good. A dried tail means the best tasting watermelon.

I found a short video on how to cut a watermelon, check it out – it works.

Happy Watermelon tasting,



  1. Love the blurb for your new book! Congrats! I didn't know all that about watermelons. I'm going to have to give your advice a try!

  2. I love the sound of your new book! Good luck. And I had to show Ron the watermelon part. I can NEVER get them right when I buy them.


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