Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Summer's Over!

I'm sad summer is over! Winter is coming to the Rocky Mountain way tooooo fast! So I'm thinking back on some warm, sunny days when I took two trips.
I went to Myrtle Beach in August, and then, at the end of September, my husband and I went to Disney World. I LOVE Disney World. My sisters don’t really understand why, but I do.
Crazy Sisters

My YaYa Sisters Trip in August to Myrtle Beach was fun. The only downside was one of my sisters broke her arm and was unable to go on the trip with us. While missing her, the rest of us enjoyed the perfect eighty degree weather and ate a lot, laughed a lot, and spent days at the beach. At the right, the three of us are on the steps of the Crazy Sisters (we thought it appropriate place for a pictures. You can’t see the sign above us, but that was the name of the place – for real!) where we took a boat out to watch the dolphins. On another day we went to the winery, La Belle Amie Vineyard and enjoyed tasting. Take a moment and watch the video below.

In October, Brett and I took off for Disney World with our daughter and her family. Oh my gosh! Disney World was a blast. As soon as you walk inside the park, a huge smile spreads over your face and you don’t stop smiling until you’re on the plane heading home. We’ve never played so much and had so much fun. Here’s a couple of pictures from our trip. It did rain a few days, but that didn’t stop us. When the rain pours in 80 degree weather – who cares?

Yup, that's me,!! Check out my granddaughter behind me! Can't go to Disney World without riding all those rides!

Did you have a fun summer? Do you do something fun too? Thanks for letting me digress and write a little about me.


  1. I love Myrtle Beach. I used to go each year for two weeks. Where did you stay? We always stayed south in Garden City and hit the yummy restaurants in Murrels! Sounds like a fun summer!

  2. My sister has a condo in North Myrtle Beach, we always stay there and yest the restaurants in Murrels are yummy. It was a fun trip.

  3. Your trip to Myrtle Beach and Disney World sound so fun. A bit envious that I only got a couple of short camping trips this summer. Looks like you had a blast, Judy.

  4. I did. Thanks for stopping by, looking forward the luncheon this weekend.

  5. Our summer was pretty dull. It's rained almost every day and our deck is as slippery as ice! We had to buy a treadmill to get some exercise since the heat, humidity, and rain kept us mostly home bound. I did get to ride a camel at the county fair and photographed the life of the cardinals all summer. Most cardinals have babies 2-3 times every summer. I didn't know that. So I have fledglings, juveniles, yearlings, and molting adults. You can hardly believe that those molting "creatures" turn into such gorgeous birds in the winter! I'm glad summer is over but I think I'll see it again in Florida in early December when I visit my family in Ocala. It was 95 there today!

  6. I think cardinals are beautiful, but I don't see the here in Utah. Whenever I visit my sister in NC and sit on her porch, I love watching them, and she has so many blue birds. Hope you have a wonderful trip visiting your sister in FL


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