Monday, September 8, 2014

September Titles

September, last days of balmy summer nights blowing in cooler temps, trees changing colors, gardens producing their last harvest, and pumpkins popping out over the fields. One day the lingering hot breeze sweeps over your skin, then the next the cool smell of autumn fills the air to remind you of another season approaching.

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Now, let's talk about book titles. I need a little help.

As a writer, how do you decide on your book titles? As a reader, do titles interest you?

I think I mentioned in one of my back articles that Gone with the Wind wasn’t its first title. Margaret Mitchell’s novel is one of my favorites – yes, I’ve read it several times, and loooove the movie. Her first titled was Tomorrow is Another Day, which is the last line of the book. She also considered, Bugles Sang True, Tote the Weary Load, and Not in our Stars – so glad she went with Gone with the Wind. I think Scarlett O’Hara’s love for Tara made her afraid that it had been swept away with wind as did much of Georgia and its way of living. Okay, back to titles.

Yellow Creek Novel 2
I usually write down a list of titles for my manuscript. I think about the main point and how the title can relate to the book. I circle the ones I like the best, then ask my friends and family what they think. I want to keep the title simple, with few words, like my Silver Sage Creek novels, Better She Die, Better She Live, Better She Love. My Yellow Creek novels are only two word titles. Short and simple makes it easier for readers to remember, anyway, it does for me.

This all brings me to my third Yellow Creek novel. So, for the month, I'm asking for your help in deciding on a title. I’ll make a list of titles suggested, and if yours is chosen, I’ll send you a free ebook, Ghost Thunder

Here's a blurb for the third, untitled Yellow Creek novel:

From the moment Charlotte Jane Matheson hangs an ancient Dream Catcher on the wall above her bed, she has weird dreams. Determined to find out the meaning of her dreams, she goes to the small community of Yellow Creek, Tennessee. There she meets an old Cherokee Indian, a dog that suddenly appears out of the dark woods, and a good-looking farmer-wannabe. And then, her dreams stop, but unexplainable visions draw her into the past through a circle of light.

Will the old Indian, living deep in the woods, help her understand her visions and the reason she suddenly finds herself living the life of a young Cherokee squaw? Is this another vision, or is it real? Even the shocking vision of her mother, who's been missing for years, has to mean something when she leads her to a cave beyond the Cherokee burial grounds. 

And, why is it always the good-looking farmer-wannabe that finds her when she wakes from her visions? What does he want from her? What does it all mean?

If you have any title suggestions, email me at 

If you visit the BTS Book Reviews Magazine (free readers magazine), you’ll find two of my books reviewed: Better She Live and Secret Past.   Look on page 35, 48, 53 – the magazine is free, book reviews on all genres.

On September 13, I’ll be at Nonna’s Pizzeria, Magna, Utah for a book signing with several other authors. If you’re anywhere close, stop by, visit with us and try Nonna’s pizzas. 

Don't forget to email me your suggestions for my third Yellow Creek novel. Even it you don't have any suggestions, I'd love to hear from you. Judy


  1. Judy, I would suggest a title with visions in it. Sorry, I can't help more. Wonderful reviews, and I'm intrigued by the premise of your new story.

    1. Thanks Sandy, hopefully by the time I finish the manuscript I have a list of title to help me decide. While writing, I'll stop and jot down something that suddenly hit me for a possible title. We'll see....thanks for stopping by.

  2. Titles are hard for me. I like to have a title appear in the book. Forever, Love came about from something the father said to his daughter in the book. I like Dream as a word in the title...And since your other books have better... What about.... Better She Dream.... or Better She Dreams...

    1. Thanks Melissa, I'll put those on my list. I do like the word Dream. I know how busy you are and I appreciate you stopping by.

  3. Hi Judy. I know what you're going through. I just had to re-title one of my stories. So in the interest of paying it forward, (because I reached out friends for help), I'll suggest a couple that came to me as I read your blurb.
    Dreamcatcher or some variation of the word in the title.
    Cherokee Dreams
    Good luck with your search. I'm sure you'll find the perfect one like your others.

    1. Thanks for your suggestions Kim. I'll put them on my list. Hopefully, one will flash before my mind as I continue to write toward the end of the ms.


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