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March Guest Month Week Three

My March guest this week is Mary Martinez.

Mary has live in Utah her entire life, but she and her husband love to travel to exotic places like the Caribbean. And, since Mary is somewhat of a wine connoisseur, it isn’t surprising to learn that Italy is one of her favorite places to visit.
Her inspiring journeys help to fill her books with intriguing characters and rich location descriptions for her stories. Welcome Mary.

Judy:  Mary, tell us about your main characters in The Beckett Series.
Mary:   Actually the main character is the Beckett family. The Trailer:
Judy:  Mary, tell us about your main characters in The Beckett Series.
Mary:   Actually the main character is the Beckett family. The Trailer:
Judy:  What does Tyler Beckett do for a living?
Mary:  He is an FBI agent.
Disappear Available Now 
After two years undercover as an FBI agent to infiltrate a crime organization and discover the identity of a hit man, Tyler Beckett’s cover is blown. Tyler’s new assignment is to protect the only witness who can identify the mysterious killer. If only he didn’t find her so attractive. Each day it becomes harder to keep his objective, especially since he knows the interest is mutual.
The safe house is compromised and the same hit man shoots Tyler. Fearing Tyler is dead, Keira plans revenge on the crime organization. She must fake her own suicide in order to survive.
When Tyler discovers what Keira plans, he realizes he must stop her before he loses her for good.
Judy:  What does Jessica Beckett do for a living?
Mary:  She’s an algebra teacher.
Innocent   Available Now.
All Jessica wants is a home and a family. So how did she suddenly find herself falsely accused of a felony and then kidnapped by a hit man?
Jessica Beckett loves her job teaching high school algebra. That is until Coach Brinley makes her life miserable because she actually has the audacity to fail his three staring football jocks. Maybe if they’d done their homework they would have passed. She refuses to be intimidated. He on the other hand refuses to admit defeat and manipulates the boys into accusing her of sex in exchange for passing grades.
Gabriel Despain loves his job as FBI agent. But falling for his partner’s sister has complicated a great partnership. It would be a lot easier to ignore his feelings if Jessica hadn't found herself in trouble. Now he must keep her safe. And if he can't remain objective, they both might get killed.
Judy:  What does Christine Beckett do for a living?
Mary:  She’s an attorney.
Quiet Coming Soon (April)
Christine Beckett’s dream of partnership in a prestigious New York City law firm has finally come to fruition. She has financial security, a loving family, and owns her home, why does she need a man? 
Detective Solomon has worked with Tyler Beckett on several cases, he almost feels he is part of the Beckett clan.  He considers them his good friends, except for Christine who seems to look down her professional nose at him. 
Christine receives a threatening note and her townhouse echoes with mysterious cries in the night. That is when the handsome and irritating detective insists he temporarily move in to protect her. To add insult, it is with her family’s blessing.
Judy:  Why their location and is it a real-life connection for you?
Mary:  The Beckett family’s home is in Brooklyn. However, they work in Manhattan. Why the location? Because I love NYC and Brooklyn. I know their neighborhoods, I’ve walked them. I have pictures of them. The Beckett’s are like family to me.
Judy:  Do you have a favorite scene that you can share?
Mary: My favorite scene is the final scene of Quiet so obviously I can’t share that. And there are several scenes I like. Actually, all my favorites are the end of each book. LOL.

Judy:  What are you working on now?
Mary: History Mysteries with my three grandsons. We have a story board and a map of our fictional town of Cliffdale.

Summer vacation and Nana is anxiously waiting for her three grandsons to visit while their parents are on vacation. Usually she only saw Zekeriah, Nicholas and Bartholomew at Christmas, but this year her son’s were taking their wives on a cruise and trusting their children to her.
 Zeke, Nick and Bart couldn’t wait to explore the town of Cliffdale, though it was sort of small, settled along the coast of California it still seemed pretty cool. They were soon to discover it had a magical quality about it. But as the summer wore on, they notice strange things happening in the deserted house next to Nana’s. And Nana forbid them to explore it because they could get hurt. But who listens to Nana’s?
What they find is a house with a ghost and the sheriff and a stranger in town snooping around. They have to find out what is going on, don’t they? But when Zeke ‘see’s’ with his special sixth sense that Nana is in trouble and it’s up to them to use all their powers save her. But can they save her and solve the mystery?  

A couple of quick questions so my readers can get to know you as an author:

What do you do to relax? Listen to music.
Favorite spot: Too many places, I love Venice, Florence, Rome, NYC, San Francisco and Calistoga (northern end of Napa Valley)
Cat or dog: Neither, but if I had no choice it would be a dog.
Favorite drink: Wine
Favorite season: Fall
Hobbies/past time: Hmm too many. I’m a concert ho. I love eating and cooking and making up recipes. I love to have wine tastings. I love College sports. University of Utah (Utes)
Favorite movie: Oh man, I do not have just one. True Lies, American President, Goonies, The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, 27 Dresses, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Quiet Man (John Wayne), Don Juan De Marco, And the list goes on and on and on.
Favorite color: Red.
Favorite smell:  Coffee
Special words for your fans:  Thank you!

Where can my reader find you?
Web site:
Mary’s Garden:

Thank you, Judy for inviting me to visit today, it’s been great!
I've enjoyed hearing about the Beckett family and to all my friends out there in reading land, if you haven’t read a suspenseful Beckett story, now’s the time. Mary's books are worth it.  Judy


  1. Judy - thanks for continuing to introduce new and exciting authors.

  2. You're welcome Kim, thank you for taking the time to read my blogs and for staying in touch.


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