Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Guest Month: Week One

Welcome to my March Guest Month. During the entire month, I’m interviewing a guest per week. Starting today, I have Sherry Burch as my guest. Her custom made jewelry is fabulous, and I’m excited to show you some of her work.
And, to celebrate my new release, Ghost Thunder, I’m having a drawing at the end of the month, just drop your name in the pot by putting a review on Amazon, or email me with your review. Reviews can be on any of my ebooks:
The winner’s name will be drawn on March 31, to receive the beautiful Blue Willow set.
Now, on to our guest, 
Welcome Sherry, please tell us  
What is the name of your business?  
Sherry:  First of all, I want thank Judy for having me on her blog. I'm thrilled to let others know about my custom made jewelry.
I call my business Sherry Gail’s Jewelry.
Judy: What inspired you to start your custom jewelry business?
Sherry:  Well, I had gone to a yoga class with my husband and noticed a list of new classes coming; one was a jewelry class for beginners. I thought it sounded interesting and something I might enjoy. I had so much fun learning and creating jewelry pieces, and when I started getting compliments on my pieces from family and friends, I decided to start my business. Actually, I sold my first piece right off my neck. People ask me where I get my ideas and I tell them they come from God. I see a pendant or maybe some beads, and a design pops in my head. To me that is God giving me the design. So He gets all the credit. I am just His instrument.
Judy: Describe two of your favorite creations:
Sherry: Wow, that's hard. I love all my pieces. Okay, one of them would have to be "Spring". It has oval green beads with brown highlights. The pendant is a frame with a picture of a lily with two birds and on the other side of the pendant there’s a saying "Mothers Bring Light and Beauty to the World." It just reminded me of early spring.
The second one was a lot of fun to make. It's call "Diva". It’s purple pearls and crystal bicone beads with a purple cat for the pendant with a crystal necklace on the cat. This cat just looked like a diva and everyone knows cats are divas. So hence, the name "Diva."
Judy: Is there a special piece you created that you absolutely cannot sell? Reason?
Sherry: Oh yeah, my "Anniversary 25" necklace. I matched the colors to go with the new outfit I bought just for my 25th wedding anniversary, now I wear it for my anniversary every year. I also made the bracelet, earrings, watch and ring to go with it.
Judy:  Do your creations have names? How do you decide on the name?
Sherry:  Some do. When I’m finished with a piece and I look at it, that's when a name pops into my head. Like for example, the one I called Blue Willow. Suddenly, the beads reminded me of a set of dishes my mother had when I was growing up call Blue Willow. One of my fall pieces reminded me of the rainbow, I call it Autumn Rainbow.
Judy:  Do you have a daily routine and how long does it take to create a set?
Sherry:  I try to. With both my husband and me being retired, it’s hard to have a set schedule. Especially, with your husband always ready to go, go, go. But, I do a lot of my work at night when everyone is asleep. I love the quietness. The only problem is, when I’m creating, I’m lost in another world, forgetting time, and before you know it, it’s two am.
Depending on the detail in the piece I’m creating, it can take me a couple of hours for something simple. I do jewelry in clay also, and that can take up to two days. But the average is 2 to 4 hours from start to finish.
Judy: Do you have a price range? What sort of promotion do you do?
Sherry: My prices are anywhere from $10 to $350. I have one necklace that is actually in a set that I am selling. Its pure crystals and pure sterling silver, and right now, it’s priced at $250, but it’s worth $500. Tell you the  truth, I don't really care if I sell that set. I love it.
The only promotion I have is whenever someone buys one of my pieces I will give a pair of earrings to go with it. I’m a BeautiControl consultant also, and I give my hostesses a free necklace just for having a spa in their home. I now give a free piece of jewelry to anyone who orders on my website. BeautiControl is the number one Premium Home Spa Company in North America. If you have never heard of it please go on my website and check us out. Anyone who orders on my website will also get a free piece of jewelry from me.
Judy:  How can someone contact you and where will we be able to see your jewelry?
BeautiControl website:
Sherry:  By the way, if you live in the Wichita, Kansas area and the surrounding areas you can email me to meet with me to see some of my pieces or have in an in home spa.
Please note my website will soon be up and running for those interested in see all my creative jewelry pieces:
Judy:  Thank you Sherry for sharing with all your wonderful collection of custom jewelry, and we look forward to your gallery of pictures on your website.
  Diva  $35Blue Willow (Free, see above)
Jane's Angel (SOLD
Roaring Twenties $55           )



  1. Thank again, Judy, for interviewing me. I enjoyed our chat and answering your questions about my jewelry business. It will help me with my business. I appreciate you using one of my pieces for your contest. I wish everyone good luck on winning it. And I am looking forward to your next book. Keep them coming. I love everyone of them.

    1. Thank you Sherry, and just to let you know, when I wear one of your necklaces, I get so many compliments, which gives a chance to let them know about your business. Good luck on completing your website.


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