Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Dog Lover to Another

When you hear that word, ‘love’ everywhere, you know its the V-Day month. Yes, Valentine brings out the romance in many men. I’m lucky, my best friend is also my husband. He's always romantic on Valentine's. If by chance I didn’t have my husband, whom I love and would miss deeply, I would certainly have a dog, which by the way, I do.

I love dogs. In my book, Secret Past, A Yellow Creek Novel, ( ) my main character has a Dalmatian. He’s her buddy and goes everywhere with her and when is shot, she is devastated. Secret Past is an ebook under my alter-ego, Anna Sugg on Amazon.

I think we should learn from our dogs. Here are some tips that I’m sure you’ve read before since it’s been circulating the e-mail community forever:
· Run and greet your love one the minute he/she walks through the door
· Experience a joyride with the fresh air and wind in your face
· Respect others, but let others know if they invade your space
· Take naps, stretch when waking
· Play every day
· Let people touch you, hugs, pats on the head, etc, are wonderful
· Don’t bite, a simple growl can get the point across
· On a warm sunny day, lie on the grass and daydream
· Drink lots of water on a hot day and nap under a shady tree
· Show happiness, do a happy dance and wag your body
· If you’re chew out about something, don’t pout, figure it out and make friends
· Take you best buddy on long walks
· Don’t over eat, but eat with eagerness
· Dig deep for what you want and find it
· If your love one is having a bad day, nuzzle him gently
· Above all, be loyal, don’t be something you’re not

Take heart and learn to practice what your dog can teach you, and just maybe, your life will shine with love all around.

I will close with an anonymous quote: “The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.”
Want to see my dog go to to see a picture. He has given us so much love and has been a wonderful teacher.
If you are a dog lover, I would like to hear from you and your dog.

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  1. I love the list. So true. A dog loves you unconditionally. I too am a dog lover and have a dog also. Thank you for sharing this. Love your site.


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