Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hidden Sheet

Now, we’re officially into the New Year. I did remember to write down my Resolutions. Did

At the beginning of each New Year, I write a list of 5 things that I want to accomplish by the
end of that year. These 5 items are my personal ‘wants,’ no one else’s. I think
about my list long and hard before writing those words. Sometimes, I write the
list on an old napkin, tattered sheet of paper, a post-it, or whatever’s
available at the time I remember to think about what I want to list– yes, I
write it – not type.

Afterward, I hid it in my desk drawer where I won’t forget at yearend, but it’s out of sight, so
that I will not think about throughout the year. And, I really do forget about it. You know
that old saying ‘out of sight, out of mind” really works. Anyway, as you know, the New Year starts with a bang and when you blink, it’s time to be thinking of a new list.

Once people start to mention Resolutions, even if it’s on television, my brain clicks and I
remember to check my list. Hmm, by that time I can’t even remember what wrote.

I’ve been doing this for several years, and it totally blows me away at how much I actually
accomplished on my list. Remember, it’s a short list, but it’s mine and only
mine. Someone once said (I have no idea who, but it’s been said I’m sure by
many and I know you’ve heard it) that it’s a subconscious thing. When we made a
list that’s important to us, our brain remembers and we subconsciously work toward
accomplishing that goal.

Try it.

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