Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Ya Ya Trip

Hey, just returned from a yearly YaYa Sisterhood trip with my three sisters (two sisters now live in NC, one lives in Wichita, KS and I live in SLC, UT). Check out the pictures below.

This time we didn’t go to the ocean, but traveled through three states: Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. We spent our nights deep in the forest of Missouri by a lake in an area called Shelby Knob. It was beautiful; except for the haunted cabin, we rented which kept making wired noises in the evening.

My favorite place was Eureka Springs, Arkansas. An old Victorian Mountain Village nestled in the luscious green forest of the Ozarks. The authentic preserved Victorian homes reflected the era of historically accurate pastel colors and ornate decorations. The mode of travel was by trolley, which gave us a sample of yesteryear. There are lots of places to eat and many, many shops to venture into and check out all the local artwork. We decided to spend a night in the old haunted Crescent Hotel, built in 1886 on the very top of the hill overlooking Eureka Springs.
The quaint old hotel had all the original rooms with the exception of very old, old, somewhat modern bathroom. We didn’t have any experience with unusual sounds like we did on the lake cabin, but the toilet didn’t work – just too old we were told and had to run to another room. It was great to be with my sisters once again. We talked until two in the morning, eat way too much and always had desserts (yes, dessertS) after every dinner, and we constantly laughed so hard we cried. Love my sisters.

Jane, Judy Ann, Judy Gail, Sherry

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